We Specialize In ADA Section 508 Compliance (WCAG 2.1)

ADA Section 508 (WCAG 2.1) Compliance Consultants

Let us come out and teach your team what the Section 508 (WCAG 2.1) guidelines are and how to make your WordPress website fully compliant. We travel to all 50 states and deal with all sizes of companies and websites. We offer 1/2 day courses and full day courses.

We also offer a full web accessibility report for your WordPress website. We will run your site through multiple industry leading accessibility testing software and then we run your website through our rigorous manual accessibility tests. After all that we go through every single WCAG 2.1 level A, AA, and Section 508 standards and make sure your website is compliant.

Finally, we take all of this information and present it as a Web Accessibility Report so your in-house development team can take action.

Our goal is to make a great user experience for “all” people who use the internet. We will accomplish this one WordPress website at a time if we have to! Learn More…

We are moving towards our goals in a number of ways:

  1. We build our sites from the ground up with the Section 508 (WCAG 2.1) recommendations in mind. This way when it does become law, your site is already ADA section 508 compliant.
  2. We have created a post with a list of free but very useful developer tools to help web developers create websites and software that are easily accessible.
  3. We create web accessibility software for WordPress developers. These custom WP plugins help developers make the WordPress site they are building section 508 compliant easier.
  4. We can bring your existing WordPress website up to date with the current Section 508 recommendations. This way you don’t have to build a new website. We do an analysis of your website and determine its level of ADA compliance. Then we can go through and make changes if necessary to make sure you are 100% ADA section 508 compliant.
  5. We are ADA Section 508 compliance consultants. Have your site tested for its level of ADA compliance. We put together a report based on your WordPress website needs. Bring this report to your team and have them take care of it in-house or shop it around to other web developers.
  6. We are very active in the web accessibility community as well as the WordPress community. We have been on Podcasts, and we travel around the state giving talks to developers about Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 as well as speakers at WordCamp Orlando 2018.
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Americans with a visual disability. Shown in millions.

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WordPress Troubleshooting

  • We fix broken WordPress websites
  • File cleaning for hacked sites
  • Fixes for plugin issues
  • Fixes for theme issues
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Custom WordPress Websites & Plugins

  • Custom WordPress websites
  • Custom WordPress plugins
  • WordPress site builds
  • Everything WordPress
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ADA Compliant

  • Section 508 consultants
  • Website remediation
  • Government agencies
  • Accessibility compliance testing

Affordable WordPress web design for any size budget.

We don’t build low-end WordPress websites that leave you frustrated and with high bounce rates. We build custom mobile responsive, high-end and fully functional WordPress websites with high conversion rates. With our easy and simple packages you will be ready to take over the world!

Custom Website


Design, Develop And Optimize


Perfect For Mobile Devices

– 57% of people use a mobile device to surf the net


Digital Marketing & Branding

– 96% of people shop online so put your business or product in front of them


Free Google SEO Package

– Google Webmaster and Google Analytics installed on every site


Social Media Integration

– Add Social Media buttons for amazing growth


Secure Hosting

– Free SSL certificate and daily backups


Fully Animate your WP site

Grab your customers attention and show them why they should choose you

Custom Software


Software Solutions


Custom WordPress plugins

– From idea and business need to reality


WordPress troubleshooting

– We can fix any problem you are having with your WordPress website


Mobile App Development

– We build mobile and cross-platform solutions applications of any complexity


Enterprise Application & Portals

– We create software that can help enhance our clients’ performance


Multi-Level Software Development

– included


Dedicated Team

– Our team of software engineers are ready to serve your project needs

Web Accessibility


Web Accessibility Services


Accessibility Seminars & Lectures

– Onsite seminars to teach your team how to handle web accessibility


Section 508 Compliant Websites & Software

– Building WP websites and software already Section 508 compliant is key


Section 508 Testing & Compliance Analysis

– We check your site for usability and full compliance


Web Accessibility Strategy & Planning

– Incorporate our recommendations into your workflow from the start


Government Agencies

– Avoid the lawsuit, Section 508 is law for government agencies

Hiring St. Pete Design as your WordPress developer is as easy as
1, 2, 3.

We are WordPress developers. We specialize in building mobile responsive WordPress websites. We create custom WordPress themes, plugins, and software.

[Why WordPress?]

  1. WordPress runs 30% of the internet– WordPress is the most used CMS (47%, almost 12 times more than second place) on the internet and is growing fast.
  2. WordPress is “mobile responsive”- This means that a website built using WordPress is just as beautiful and functional on a mobile device as it is on a desktop. So you will not need to build an expensive app to capture the customers that use mobile devices.
  3. WordPress is very easy to use – This way you will be able to add content later on, such as text and pictures yourself. Now when you need to make price increases to your menu or you want to update a few pictures, you won’t have to pay more developer fees.


Are you having problems with your WP website? We can troubleshoot and fix problems to keep your business running. Is your WordPress site being attacked by a hacker? We can recover your downed website and in most cases, we can recover 100% of your data as well.

Based in sunny St. Petersburg, FL we offer web design and web development services to clients throughout the U.S. Our WordPress developers are ready to help you create a new site or fix an existing one right now. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Step 1: Contact Us

Local WordPress developers can be hard to find. Getting in touch with us is easy though. Get an Estimate from St. Pete Design right now. >Click Here

Step 2: Get An Estimate

Together we will discuss your ideas and expectations. Then we will define the tasks needed to complete your vision. Once we’ve done that we will provide you with a FREE estimate to create your project.

Step 3: Hire St. Pete Design

Yes, it really is that simple to take your vision and turn it into reality! Making the process from start to finish painless and streamlined for you. That is one of the many benefits you get by hiring St. Pete Design as your WordPress developers.

Our web design process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Choose 1 of our website packages

Choose 1 of our affordable packages and any additional WordPress services that you’ll need on your path to creating an amazing website. We’ve designed these packages so that the process of building your professional website is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Adjust/Approve your estimate

Adjust your vision of your new WordPress website to fit your budget, needs, and expectations. Once you approve our estimate you will be able to choose between paying in full or breaking the payments up.

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Schedule your development call

Schedule a call with our specialist. That’s when she/he will gather the information they need to help you create your vision. So you can showcase your business or products perfectly through an amazing mobile ready website. Turn your dreams into reality, one click at a time!

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St. Pete Design launches its new FREE Custom WordPress Plugin that is built to work with Android apps!

We here at St. Pete Design have done it again. We have made the only Free GPS Tracking software designed specifically for WordPress that works in conjunction with Android and iOS apps. This Free WordPress plugin is made to work with our app available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Don’t worry, we did not forget about the iPhone users of the world. We have also made a iOS app available as a Free download from the App store.