About St. Pete Design

St. Pete Design is a professional web design company from St. Petersburg, FL specializing in WordPress Development. Our company offers custom website design for your company to increase customer traffic and increase your conversions which translates into more sales. Who doesn’t want more sales?

St. Pete Design is owned and operated by two lifelong friends Joe and Steve. Together we have more than 25 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of owning and operating our own businesses in St. Petersburg, FL. On top of that, with our fifteen plus years in the web design business, the company aims to lead clients into the world of the digital age.

St. Pete Design is on a steady course to a very specific destination, a destination where your company wants to be. Climb aboard, we’ll set our sails. Taking your company and it’s vision to the new world. A world of internet domination. A world where there are no boundaries to limit you except your own imagination!


Our Mission Statement

St. Pete Design helps to improve your website’s online presence through WordPress by designing, building, marketing, and managing your sites content.

If you have a thirst for success like we do, you need to have an excellent website that will promote and sell your products and services. Most of all, sell you and your company. Our aim is to provide reasonably priced custom WordPress website packages that fit the needs of our customers. At the same time giving them amazing results with great looking and functioning WordPress sites and high quality customer service.

Today 60% of users surf the net on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. WordPress websites are preferred by St. Pete Design because as developers we can easily manipulate WordPress to suit your needs. More importantly, the WordPress sites we make are mobile responsive. Our sites and software are made to work and function flawlessly on all mobile devices.