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3 easy steps to finding out if your WordPress website or software is Section 508 (WCAG2.0) compliant.

  1. Contact StpeteDesign 
  2. We will test your WordPress website or software to see if it is Section 508 [Web Accessibility] compliant.
  3. We will provide you with a comprehensive report about your level of compliance and what actions you can take to become compliant.

ADA Section 508 compliant consultants – At StPeteDesign our ADA Section 508 compliant consultants have been working hard to make the web more than just ADA Section 508 Compliant. We are working hard to make a much better user experience for the visually impaired. Not only is ADA compliance our profession, ADA section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance is our passion.

[Let our experienced Section 508 compliance consultants take a look at your website so we can help you determine your website’s level of compliance.]

Our staff is experienced in the ADA Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 rules and recommendations adopted by the government in 2018. We bring a unique perspective to Section 508 compliance because of our passion for both Web Accessibility and WordPress software development.

We have a large developers toolbox filled with software that helps point out ADA compliance issues you are having with your website. Then we are able to go in and fix these Section 508 compliance issues for you. Best of all, we are prepared for the different situations that come up, because we have experienced most of them already.

[Web Accessibility] Section 508 is required by all government websites  – This law requires all government websites to be universally designed and must comply with Section 508 guidelines as put forward by the United States Access Board.

We have already begun work with local government agencies that are aware of the non-compliance issues they are having. We have been 100% successful in bringing these sites into compliance according to the section 508 guidelines mandated for all government agency’s websites.

We want to do our part for web accessibility and since we are WordPress developers at heart, we decided to start by empowering the developers for the largest [CMS] in the world, WordPress.

We want to help WordPress developers by making it easier for them and their software to become Section 508 compliant. That would be a good starting point.

So we decided to create a completely free WP plugin that helps by making it very easy to add any missing ALT text and Description text as well as other forms of text to ALL of your photos on your Entire WordPress website.

Our FREE Custome WordPress plugin built specifically for Web Accessibility and Section 508 compliance.

Get Our FREE Custom ADA Section 508 WordPress Plugin!

Every dream envisioned begins with a first step. A Free Web Accessibility Tool For WordPress Developers is ours. Whats yours?



ADA compliant consultants

We have been contracted by government agencies to make their website ADA section 508 compliant. Our team of ADA compliant consultants have done a wide range of projects for government agencies including creating custom software that helps them continually stay in compliance even as they add new content to there site.

We can also utilize a unique technique created by us, for clients who do not need their whole website rebuilt and cannot afford to go through all of the costly changes necessary to make their website ADA compliant. These techniques we have created, meet all the requirements of Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 laws and recommendations.

Most important of all, this is obtained while still providing a great user experience for the people who need it the most.

Let our ADA Section 508 compliance consultants work hard for you and your company. We will help you avoid a costly lawsuit for noncompliance. Lawyers have already begun their rounds of lawsuits. They have begun with government agencies, next they will be targeting companies who have the money to pay the fine. Shortly, these lawyers will be coming after you and your business.

Don’t be one of those companies who could be targeted by these lawyers. Contact us right now so our ADA compliance consultants can assess your website and create an action plan for you. We want to help you be proactive and stay ahead of all of these lawyers and lawsuits. If you want more information you can visit our Section 508 compliance webpage.


ADA Compliant consultants – Contact Us Now!


As ADA Compliant Consultants we understand the different levels of compliance with the Section 508 recommendations. The “requirements” are categorized into 3 different levels.

Level A is the minimum level of ADA Section 508 compliance – Level A covers the very basic of all the web accessibility compliance issues. But it does not typically achieve a wide range of web accessibility.

Level AA is the middle of the road level of ADA  Section 508 compliance – Level AA covers most of the regular issues that disabled users come across as they surf the internet.  This level addresses the most current revised Section 508 compliance.

Level AAA is the highest of ADA Section 508 compliance standards – This level handles the highest level issues that disabled people come across while on the internet. It is such a high-level of compliance that it is not actually mandatory as a general policy. This is mostly because it is impossible to be in compliance with these recommendations on all content.

Understanding the recommendations and guidelines is the first line of defense for you and your businesses website from these lawyers. So make sure whoever you have work on your site knows what these guidelines are.

Web Accessibility Consultants

As WordPress Developers with a passion for Web Accessibility, we bring a unique perspective to your WP website and software. We are able to look at your website and software to make sure they are Section 508 compliant.

We have a unique set of skill sets because we started as WordPress web developers then we grew that into a successful web development agency that does everything WordPress.

Our Mindset about Web Accessibility completely changed to say the least, after the National Convention for the Blind in Orlando in 2017, we attended. We attended the largest convention for visually impaired people in the world which happened to be only an hour drive from our houses.

We learned so much about the issues that Low-Vision people were having while trying to use the internet and software. Luxuries we take for granted are an absolute struggle for a large number of people. We learned that day how important it was for websites and software to be ADA Section 508 compliant.

A Web Accessibility seed was planted that day in our minds. We took as a personal mission to figure out how to make the internet more accessible to a large amount of Low-Vision people. We really could change a large segment of the world’s populations way of interacting with different technologies.

One of the things that stood out to me was how a low-vision user interacted with his phone or mobile device. I feel like that was a big area that could make a big difference.

That started us on a path to learn everything we could about Web Accessibility and what it meant for WordPress developers. Also, we wanted to know how we can help the end user have a better experience with WordPress websites and software.

Sometimes that means helping other WP developers better understand what the Section 508 guidelines are and how easy it is to comply with them. Since we are WordPress developers first, have a unique view of WP and Web Accessibility. We have taken that experience and have created a talk that we try to give to as many WordPress meetups as we can.

Here is one of the talks that we did at the Tampabay WordPress meetups held in St. Pete Florida:


Our company has a clear understanding of what the Section 508 guidelines are. With this knowledge, we are able to create a clear path to success and to overcome any obstacles in the way of that Section 508 compliance that you are looking for.

Let our experience help your company create a better product by not only creating a compliant site but also the gaining the knowledge of how to easily integrate our Section 508 compliance techniques into your current development processes. This way all future software or websites you build will be compliant thanks to the fact that now you have added our techniques to your process.  Creating sustainability with your Section 508 compliance on your own.


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