508 Compliance

Making Your Website Section 508 Compliant

Section 508, Creating A More Accessible World For Everyone

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards was published by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on September 2010. The Compliance Standards are stipulated in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These standards state that all electronic and information technology to be made accessible to people with disabilities. 508 compliance requires all entities with “places of public accommodation” to provide website and app accessibility to people with disabilities. When all the federal sites comply with these regulations, they become not only accessible to all users but also become compatible with assistive technology, such as screen readers.

Who needs to be section 508 compliant

All government institutions, as well as vendors who deal directly with the federal government, are required to comply with section 508 guidelines and website accessibility standards as stipulated by ADA. Also, though not requested by the act, any business owner would significantly benefit from 508 compliant sites. Even if your site is purely consumer-based and 508 compliance is not a requirement for you, you can reach out to all your potential customers by creating an ADA section 508 compliant WordPress website.

How does a business comply with the ADA section 508

As a business operator, you need to hire professionals who can efficiently create or check your WordPress website for ADA compliance. At our company, you will be served by experienced and certified professionals who can identify all of your risks for liability and clearly define cost-effective solutions for meeting ADA requirements. Here are different ways on how we will help you establish section 508 compliant WordPress websites:

1. ADA Section 508 Compliant Website Design Services

Our firm strives to provide lasting 508 Compliance website development solutions to the government, federal vendors, non-profit organizations, small businesses as well as the private sector. Our services are aimed at creating a platform that adheres to the rules and regulations of the Disability Act. We have a team that is qualified in web designing and well versed with aspects of the current websites. Also, we have expert accessibility analysts with vast development backgrounds notched with the technical insight required when creating or testing Section 508-compliant web-based content.

2. Knowledgeable Staff in Matters of ADA Compliance Software and Development

For you to establish or develop a 508-compliant website, you need to have a precise understanding of the accessibility provisions and the experience to translate the raw data into technical solutions. Our staff are well informed on how the disabled people interact with IT and also well versed with the provisions within the Section 508 legislation. Equipped with such resources, we will not only establish a website that is friendly to all users, but also design a platform that is easily compatible with future developments.

3. We Help You Avoid Costly ADA 508 Accessibility Lawsuits

With the increase in lawsuits targeting government businesses, you need to identify a one-stop expert who is well versed with disability rights and laws, including physical and technology accessibility, facility surveys, transition plans, architectural plan reviews, among others. Failing to adhere to the ADA standards or other disability rights laws puts any business at the risk of hefty fines. With our ADA consultants, you will be guided on what precautions to take and the measures to instill in your website to stay safe from unnecessary court fines.

4. Web Content Audit for 508 Compliance

Finally, we will assess all of your images, information or any other media file within your website to make certain that your WordPress website contains web accessible content that is ADA section 508 compliant. Besides, we will verify that all the site visitors have the ability to make orders or shopping and complete online forms successfully according to section 508.


For years, before the enactment of this law, people with disabilities were largely a forgotten lot. Access to information was a nightmare to a large number of people all over the country as the websites were never designed to meet their special needs. In an era where equality was stressed, our friends and family members who were suffering from various forms of disabilities were still unable to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet. The hardest hit were the visually impaired and those who suffer from hearing related conditions. As most companies digitized almost all aspects of their operation, it became apparent that necessary measures had to be taken to make websites accessible to all. Digitization had made it increasingly difficult to even access the basic services from government agencies.

Section 508 of the constitution was enacted in 1990 to eliminate this preexisting discrimination that was a major hurdle in access to information by those living with disability. The law aimed at ensuring equal employment opportunity to all. This piece of legislation has however undergone amendments over the years. In 1998 an amendment was made to the Rehabilitation Act making it a mandatory requirement that all Federal agencies make their websites accessible to people with disabilities.