Bar Camp

The last blog post I wrote was about a field trip we made to Weedon Island. This post is about another field trip we took last year to Bar Camp. Also known as Code Camp, held at USF this is a convention for like minded individuals striving to make it in the web design industry. USF is located in the great city of Tampa. Adjacent to  Tampa Bay and just across the Howard Frankland bridge is our home town. You guessed it, beautiful sunny St. Petersburg.

Bar camp is Awesome! Lots of nice people, who even though they may be our competition, are more than happy to share their experience and  knowledge. Free breakfast, free lunch, and best of all, free coffee.

It’s like this,  A bunch of geeks and computer gurus get together and hold lectures on their latest finds and developments. It is all quite interesting really. There were classes for learning all types of code for web development including app design, graphics design, robotics, 3D printing and a whole lot more.

One particular class I attended was held by our leading competition. Their web designer was holding a lecture on developing in the browser. I personally found this class to be extremely helpful as my favorite  way to work happens to be in the browser. Thanks lady!

Another aspect of web design she talked about was a strategy for website development called “Wire Framing”. This is an essential tool for any web designer and after attending her class I walked away with a much better grasp on web design.

In St. Pete, there happens to be a lot of competition. However thanks to Bar Camp, Word Camp and conventions of the like, small time web developers like us can stay on the cutting edge in web design and  prosper in doing what we love to do.

Thanks to all the nice friendly people at Bar Camp Tampa Bay!




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