Building Themes For Word Press

This can be a daunting yet exciting task in web design both at the same time. To me, the reward out ways the monotony.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it isn’t really all that bad. Of course I’m speaking of php here.

If ever there was a code language I didn’t like it would most certainly have to be php. Fortunately I didn’t have to be a php expert to create my own Word Press theme. With a little knowledge of how it works and what it looks like, you can easily put something beautiful yet functional.

For myself, web design is most attractive when it comes to graphics design and the artsy part of it all. Not so much the functionality. However, beings as I am a lead developer/designer for a fairly small, local web design firm in sunny St. Petersburg FL., I have to know at least a little bit of everything.

A little is all you need to know to create a good responsive theme. Plus, it can make you money. That’s always a good thing right? Besides there are literally thousands of Word Press themes available on line, all of which are unique and not all can be customized just the way you, or your customer wants.

Are you in to web design?

Do you like money?

Do you like happy customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then get your php shoes on and go build you some Word Press themes!

From beautiful St. Pete. Florida, this is your lead developer/graphics designer signing off for today.

Thanks, Jeremy (St Pete Design)





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