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Benefits To 508 Compliance

For years, before the enactment of this law, people with disabilities were largely a forgotten lot. Access to information was a nightmare to a large number of people all over the country as the websites were never designed to meet their special needs…



Do’s And Don’ts For Your Web Development Needs

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts, to obtain the ultimate BEST results, to get the MOST from your new WordPress site. Developed exclusively by St. Pete Design, located in sunny Tampa Bay Florida. A local web development firm.



What Is St Pete Design

St. Pete Design is a professional web design company from St. Petersburg, Fl specializing in WordPress Development. Our company offers custom web design for your website to increase customer traffic and…

Bar Camp Tampa 2016

Well we attended Bar Camp Tampa again this year for the fourth year in a row. Each year that I have gone it has been at the MUMA School of Business at USF.

Bar Camp is a conference or un-conference as they call it, mostly related to tech topics. The format is really cool…See More

Pop Plugin

So let’s talk about something that I’ve had on my mind lately. I’ve recently been working on an affiliate site that is trying to build an email list.

The website was not getting very many subscribers especially for the amount of traffic that they were receiving. The site had a nice page with a contact form plugin and that was how they were capturing email subscribers. This particular site also has an offer for free videos if you subscribe to their email list… See more

Add CSS files to WordPress using wp_enqueue_styles

I have been developing a new plugin for WordPress recently. This plugin requires it’s own custom CSS file so that not only does it look better but it’s easier for the users to interface with.

I must say that at first I was a little bit stumped… See more

Three Tips for Better Website Design

Anytime I surf the Net looking for inspiration for web design in St. Petersburg, I’m constantly taking note of , and bookmarking  well designed and easy to navigate websites. Forget about content for a moment, I’m talking about how someone gets through a website… See more


Formula For Web Design


Designing a beautiful website that is pleasing to the client takes multiple steps. The design of the site is very important and designers will naturally want to make the site aesthetically pleasing, but the highest priority should be to meet the needs of the client. Sometimes the information given by the client is detailed and elaborate, but they could also just give essential information and leave most of the details to the designer. Failing to listen carefully can lead to the failure of the entire project and won’t do justice for the designer’s reputation… See more

Building Themes For Word Press

This can be a daunting yet exciting task in web design both at the same time. To me, the reward out ways the monotony.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it isn’t really all that bad. Of course I’m… See more

Open SSL Heartbeat vulnerability (Heartbleed Virus)

There is devastating security vulnerability that has been recently discovered, and I would like to dedicate this post to that subject…See more

Inspiration for Great Web Design

These day’s, staying on the cutting edge of technology and web design is imperative to competing in this industry…see more

Continuing Education

In this day and age,(the digital age) it is extremely important to stay on the cutting edge as far as web design and development goes…see more


Our Field Trip To Weedon Island

Building websites is fun. Building websites for St Pete Design is incredibly awesome! Especially when I get to use the opportunity to have a little fun with my brother…see more



The demand for custom databases is increasing exponentially in today’s market. With all the functions that a website can provide being realized by the
consumer, custom databases and dashboards for viewing are gaining popularity among web designs…see more


Bar Camp

The last blog post I wrote was on a field trip we made to Weedon Island. This post is about another field trip we took last year to Bar Camp. Also known as Code Camp, held at USF this is a convention for like-minded individuals striving to make in the web design industry. USF is located in the great city of Tampa. Adjacent to  Tampa Bay and just across the Howard Franklin bridge is our hometown. You guessed it…see more


Expanding Our Horizons

St. Pete Design is growing every day! Web design and development is a thriving industry and with new prospects in sight web design, graphics design and programming alike, this is an industry just waiting to quench our thirst for knowledge and…see more

Project Management

In web development, there are many areas of expertise which are in very high demand.  Xhtml, CSS, PHP, Mysql , java script, so on and so forth. Not to mention graphics designers…see more


Local Motion

As promised in the last post, I will be discussing here the importance of hiring a local web design firm like St. Pete Design. If you are looking to get going on a certain web design or any sort of web development project like…see more


Bar Camp 2014

Every year, Steve and I get to go to USF for a convention for web developers and tech heads alike…see more


Interactive Designs

It all started with bulletin boards in the eighties and chat rooms in the nineties. Remember back  when all it seemed there was to do on the internet was chat with complete strangers about whatever…see more

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