Web Accessibility Survey

This is a quick survey so we as WordPress developers can better assist users with their Web Accessibility. We appreciate your time in filling this out. The information we will get from this survey will be invaluable for Web Developers like us!

ADA Section 508 Compliance developer Checkout list

We have put together an ADA 508 Compliance Checklist for you. We know how hard it is to understand the details that are in the ADA Section 508 recommendations. We spent 100’s of hours searching for all of the different rules and regulations so we could become Section 508 Compliant. I give you an easy to understand […]

WordPress Accessibility Plugin

StPeteDesign Launches Its WordPress Accessibility Plugin! At StPeteDesign we have a passion for WordPress and Web Accessibility. So we are very proud to announce our latest WordPress Accessibility Plugin available on the WordPress repository, – Web Accessibility Tool for ADA Section 508 and SEO – This is the first step in our greater vision of a […]

Step By Step 508 Compliance Checklist

[Are you searching for an ADA Section 508 Compliance Checklist?] I will show you what the [Level AAA] section 508 Compliance recommendations are on this page. If you want to see the other 2 levels of ADA Section 508 Compliance Recommendations are, then click one of these links Level A requirements for section 508 and Level […]

ADA Section 508 Accessibility Standards

Are you looking for the actual ADA Section 508 Accessibility Standards? We will show you exactly what the Level AA Section 508 Accessibility Standards are on this page. When we got our first ADA Section 508 compliance job for a client, we were not 100% certain on what it would take to bring this website […]

ADA Compliance For Websites

Are you looking for the actual guidelines for (WCAG 2.0) ADA Compliance for Websites? [We will show you exactly what the Level A Section 508 Accessibility Standards are on this page.] If you are looking for information on ADA compliance for websites, then you have come to the right place. At StPeteDesign we are the […]

Web Accessibility Tool

StPeteDesign launches its new Web Accessibility Tool for WordPress! We have been obsessed with WordPress and Web Accessibility issues. So for more than a year, we worked day and night to come up with a solution to the growing problem of Web Accessibility. That’s when we decided on a multi-level plan to help WordPress be […]

ADA Compliant Consultants

ADA compliant consultants – At StPeteDesign our ADA compliant consultants have been working hard to make the web not just ADA Compliant. We are working hard to make a better user experience for the visually impaired. Not only is ADA compliance our profession, ADA section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance is our passion. Let our ADA compliant […]

Web Accessibility MCQ

Here is a Free Web Accessibility MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) from StPeteDesigns’ ADA compliance team. Test your knowledge about web accessibility with our free Multiple Choice Quiz. At StPeteDesign one of our passions is helping the visually impaired portion of our society navigate the internet. We believe that every single person no matter what their disability should be able […]

508 Compliance Testing Tools Free

On this page, we are going to give you the 508 compliance testing tools for free that you will need to be 508 compliant. You will be able to use these free 508 compliance testing tools when you are building a website. You will also be able to use these free 508 compliance checker tools […]