The Top 5 Things I loved about WordCamp Raleigh NC 2019

I attended WordCamp Raleigh North Carolina 2019 and it was amazing. As always the WordPress community is extremely inviting and accepting to all people. I am going to tell you what my favorite 5 things I enjoyed at WordCamp Raleigh NC 2019 the most. Before I get into that, I want to say thank you […]

NFB Convention In Orlando Fl. 2018

The National Federation for the Blind puts together the largest convention for blind people in the world every year in Orlando Fl.. We have been lucky enough to be able to attend the NFB convention the last few years because it happens to be in our backyard. So many great technology companies like Google and Automatic […]

Web Accessibility Lawsuits in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be the biggest year for ADA Section 508 lawsuits to date. We have already had almost 1000 web accessibility lawsuits filed in America this year. That is more web accessibility lawsuits already in 2018 than we had all last year. Don’t be a victim of the new wave of lawsuits! [When it comes […]

Web Accessibility Survey

This is a quick survey so we as WordPress developers can better assist users with their Web Accessibility. We appreciate your time in filling this out. The information we will get from this survey will be invaluable for Web Developers like us! Joe LopresteHi, I’m Joe LoPreste I live in beautiful Saint Petersburg FL. I […]

ADA Section 508 Compliance Web Developer Checkout List

We know how hard it is to understand the details that are in the ADA Section 508 recommendations. We spent 100’s of hours searching for all of the different rules and regulations so we could become Section 508 Compliant. I give you an easy to understand interactive Checkout List. The Department Of Justice determines a websites ADA […]

WordPress Accessibility Plugin

StPeteDesign Launches Its WordPress Accessibility Plugin! At StPeteDesign we have a passion for WordPress and Web Accessibility. So we are very proud to announce our latest WordPress Accessibility Plugin available on the WordPress repository, – Web Accessibility Tool for ADA Section 508 and SEO – This is the first step in our greater vision of a […]

11 Easy Steps To Web Accessibility Compliance

Here are our 11 easy steps to ADA  508 Compliance: If you follow these 11 steps to compliance with your website. You will be well on your way to being Section 508 compliant. Make sure all images on your site have alt-text tags – People using screen readers don’t see images, so make sure that the […]

ADA Section 508 Level AA Accessibility Standards

Are you looking for the actual (Level AA) ADA Section 508 Accessibility Standards? We will show you exactly what the Level AA Section 508 Accessibility Standards are on this page. When we got our first ADA Section 508 compliance job for a client, we were not 100% certain on what it would take to bring […]

ADA Level A Compliance For Websites

Are you looking for the actual guidelines for (WCAG 2.0) ADA Compliance for Websites(Level A)? [We will show you exactly what the Level A Section 508 Accessibility Standards are on this page.] If you are looking for information on ADA compliance for websites, then you have come to the right place. At StPeteDesign we are […]

Web Accessibility Tool

StPeteDesign launches its new Web Accessibility Tool for WordPress! We have been obsessed with WordPress and Web Accessibility issues. So for more than a year, we worked day and night to come up with a solution to the growing problem of Web Accessibility. That’s when we decided on a multi-level plan to help WordPress be […]