PopUp Plugin

  So let’s talk about something that I’ve had on my mind lately. I’ve recently been working on an affiliate site that is trying to build an email list. The website was not getting very many subscribers especially for the amount of traffic that they were receiving. The site had a nice page with a […]

Add CSS files to WordPress using wp_enqueue_styles

  I have been developing a new plugin for WordPress recently. This plugin requires it’s own custom CSS file so that not only does it look better but it’s easier for the users to interface with. I must say that at first I was a little bit stumped on how to add my CSS file […]

Interactive Designs

  It all started with bulletin boards in the eighties and chat rooms in the nineties. Remember back  when all it seemed there was to do on the internet was chat with complete strangers about whatever? We thought that was so cool. To be able to communicate with other users via text and a dial […]

Bar Camp 2014

Every year, Steve and I get to go to USF for a convention for web developers and tech heads alike. They make it all the more enjoyable with free coffee. Not to mention subs for lunch, unlimited chips, sodas, snacks and candy! Did I mention free coffee? Steve and I really enjoy visiting Bar Camp. It’s […]

Local Motion

As promised in the last post, I will be discussing here the importance of hiring a local web design firm like St. Pete Design. If you are looking to get going on a certain web design or any sort of web development project like social media, E-commerce, news, service, or anything else your brilliant mind […]

Project Management

In web development, there are many areas of expertise which are in very high demand.  Xhtml, CSS, PHP, Mysql , java script, so on and so forth. Not to mention graphics designers. Can’t forget those guys! Anyway, often times you’ll have different people within a web design company who are specialists in different areas than […]

Expanding Our Horizons

St. Pete Design is growing every day! Web design and development is a thriving industry and with new prospects in sight web design, graphics design and programming alike, this is an industry just waiting to quench our thirst for knowledge and success. Competition in web and graphics design has grown exponentially in the last few […]

Bar Camp

The last blog post I wrote was about a field trip we made to Weedon Island. This post is about another field trip we took last year to Bar Camp. Also known as Code Camp, held at USF this is a convention for like minded individuals striving to make it in the web design industry. […]


    The demand for custom databases is increasing exponentially in today’s market. With all the functions that a website can provide being realized by the consumer, custom databases and dashboards for viewing are gaining popularity among web designs. Most of the time this involves integrating custom forms as well. Building forms is one thing, […]

Our Field Trip To Weedon Island

Building websites is fun. Building websites for St Pete Design is incredibly awesome! Especially when I get to use the opportunity to have a little fun with my brother. We’ve taken on a new project, which is quite extensive, so we decided to take a little field trip to discuss the outline of this particular […]

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