Continuing Education

  In this day and age,(the digital age), it is extremely important to stay on the cutting edge as far as web design and development goes…   Staying up to date on the latest software and code development are one of the keys to success in this industry.   Visiting the forums and discussion boards […]

Inspiration for Great Web Design

These day’s, staying on the cutting edge of technology and web design is imperative to competing in this industry. However this can grow increasingly difficult with the workload of being a web developer. I mean let’s face it, we’re busy people. In the midst of all the coding, blogging, graphics design and meetings it seems […]

Open SSL Heartbeat vulnerability (Heartbleed Virus)

There is devistating security vulnerability that has been recently discovered, and I would like to dedicate this post to that subject. What is it?.. The heartbleed virus is a virus that is capable of retrieving sensitive data from servers and websites that could severely impact users, companies, and developers alike. We’re talking passwords, credit card […]

Building Themes For Word Press

This can be a daunting yet exciting task in web design both at the same time. To me, the reward out ways the monotony. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it isn’t really all that bad. Of course I’m speaking of php here. If ever there was a code language I didn’t […]

Why your website’s Design Can Limit Search Engine Visibility

2014 could be the year when your website attracts search engine readers, and loads of them, but how far it can go in terms of numbers depends on multitude of factors, including your sites design. In fact, a lot of reports on search engine visibility, will include a thing or two about web design. It […]

Three Tips To Better Web Design

Any time I surf the Net looking for inspiration for web design in St. Petersburg, I’m constantly taking note of, and bookmarking well designed and easy to navigate websites. Forget about content for a moment, I’m talking  about how someone gets through a website. How the website leads a user down the intended path, whether that path […]

Formula For Web Design

Designing a beautiful website that is pleasing to the client takes multiple steps. The design of the site is very important and designers will naturally want to make the site aesthetically pleasing, but the highest priority should be to meet the needs of the client. Sometimes the information given by the client is detailed and […]

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