Continuing Education


In this day and age,(the digital age), it is extremely important to stay on the cutting edge as far as web design and development goes…


Staying up to date on the latest software and code development are one of the keys to success in this industry.

Visiting the forums and discussion boards for people who are involved in web design plays a big role in doing so.
With the ability to bring a web designer from St Pete all the way to a place like India to interview new employees, collaborate with colleagues and gain prospects is remarkably easy with sites like O-desk and apps like Skype.


Technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives.  As web developers  we have to keep up to today’s standards for web design. It isn’t 1997 anymore folks…


Web design has changed quite dramatically in just the last 20 years and demands are greater than ever before!
It is a multi billion dollar industry and business can be quite lucrative yet methods for web designs and developments in software are changing and increasing practically every day.


With brilliant new Ideas in Paperless technology and huge savings on the line warrants big rewards for developers with the best capabilities.


XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, C++  and that’s just to name a few…
are being improved upon. Constant research in the field is most deffinatley required.


In my off hours, (as if)… I often visit the forums and read up on the latest plugins, catch up on what’s hot and of course learn. I must quench my thirst for knowledge and the forums are a great place to start.


So if you’re anything like me, A web developer/graphics designer working in a fairly small city (St Petersburg Fl.) in my case…
Whoot! Representing “The Burg”.

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