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Here at StPeteDesign, we want to convert you to…… WordPress. We are going to start by giving away our Custome WordPress Software for Free! That’s right, FREE. Over the years we have created a lot of custom WordPress software ranging from WordPress themes to WordPress plugins all the way to completely custom interactive WordPress software tailored to the customer’s needs. In the spirit of open source. We have decided to release all of our software to anybody who chooses to download it for FREE. All of this software is free so they come as is. Some of them are just bare-bones WordPress themes. Some are completely ready to go WordPress plugins. Don’t forget about the Android and Apple apps that work in conjunction with some of our WordPress plugins.

Free WordPress Themes


Free WordPress Plugins

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Free Android & iOS Apps

 This app is for our GPS Plotter WordPress Plugin

 This app is for our GPS Plotter WordPress Plugin

Free Custom WordPress THEMES

  1. page-excerpt.1.3 plugin for 2017 child theme

Free Custom WordPress PLUGINS


Free ADA Accessible WordPress Software




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