Do’s And Don’ts For Your Web Development Needs

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts, to obtain the ultimate BEST results, to get the MOST from your new WordPress site. Developed exclusively from St. Pete Design, located in sunny Tampa Bay Florida. A local web development firm.

Assuming that everything goes well with your website after it has been tested, we will now leave the website in your hands. But before that, we will provide you with important instructions on what you need to do and not do on your new WordPress site. The following are the Dos and Don’ts with WordPress websites:

-Do Start Blogging/Writing Contents

Visitors and potential customers are waiting to hear on what you want to offer them. Create contents that will reach to your target audience. Do you have problems with writing or blogging? Do not worry because you can always search information through the internet, or else you can just pay someone to do it for you.

-Don’t Delay Postings

Procrastinating your blogs or posts may have an effect on your audience. If you have interesting product or service, you don’t want to delay new information. If you post regularly it can also mean having new visitors and new potential customers.


-Do Use Good Hosting

We always use SiteGround (affiliate link) for all of our hosting needs. They offer very secure hosting and amazing customer service. If you need to host your WordPress website, you should consider using Siteground.


-Do Use Plug-Ins

Install plug-ins because they are useful for your website. Having plug-ins means you can have a chance to be liked and installed to other websites too. This means the increase in visitors and increase in sales.

-Don’t Use Too Many Plug-Ins and Widgets

The downside of plug-ins is that you can have too much installed on your website. It can cause your website to run slowly. Be vigilant with your plug-ins. Uninstall some that you rarely use or have no use at all.

-Do Use Images

Images are important to any websites. It makes the site lively and attractive. Use images that will express your contents. For example, if your blog is about real estate. Choose images of families in their new home or couples looking at their new home, not images of houses.

-Don’t Use Copyrighted Images

It is punishable by law to grab images. It is even hazardous for your business and quite expensive if they are copyrighted. Avoid large fines by purchasing photos from royalty photo service providers like AdobeStock, Fotolia, GettyImages, and Shutterstock. They can provide high-quality photographs for your website.
Having a website means you have a large chance for business success. Using WordPress Development by St. Pete Design will make it easier. Keep in mind that more than 95% of the people today use the internet as a source for information. Making it on the internet with an amazing software/web design and a content-rich website will absolutely put you in the spotlight. St. Pete Design will help you make it by increasing your website presence.
If you are interested in having StPeteDesign build you a Custom WordPress Website, feel free to contact us at 727-342-0735 for consultation. It is absolutely FREE. You may also visit our Get an Estimate page at



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