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Your golf course needs a modern WordPress Website with drone photos and videos to showcase your uniqueness.

Every golf aficionado is excited by the sight of golfers playing. Just like how a race track matters to F1 fans, so does the golf course to golf fans. The view of the golf course itself triggers emotions, mostly a combination of thrill and anticipation. It takes a lot of expert work and resources to make a golf course. The next step is marketing the place. With all the technology buzz how would you prefer to present that golf course for the world to see?

There is a cliché that a picture speaks a thousand words. So do you want just photos of a golf course or do you want a picture that when interested parties take a glimpse, they can’t help but plan a visit?

The internet has made the world a global village. WordPress websites are one area that plays a fundamental role in making globalization a reality. In most peoples hands, someone can make a website, upload the images, write appropriate content and be ready to conquer the world. Its ease of creating and navigating makes it recommendable to new website developers. However, if you want that $1,000,000 look and stand out from the rest then you need a professional and experienced WordPress developer.

Because if you take a closer look at the various websites for golf courses they tell different tales in term of ambitions. For an expert, it’s not just about uploading images and putting up content. We do things differently and with passion and it’s that touch of uniqueness that tells golf course website viewers if they are in for a treat or they stand a chance to be disappointed when they make an appearance at the golf course.

Many people think that golf is not a dynamic sport to photograph.

Many people think that golf is not a dynamic sport to photograph. The stereotype rooted from the relatively slow action and strict rules seen when shooting golf events. However, if you are a photographer who has ambitions to explore every possibility, there is so much opportunity to capture raw emotions, athleticism and the breath-taking scenery of the golf course. The discovery of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for photography has probably lifted any limitations there was in taking photos and videos of a golf course.

Since the introduction of this exceptional technology, some drones have been used on golf courses to capture photos and make videos. This level of professional photographic has since become an extraordinary way to increase membership and maintain the high standards of a golf course. Courtesy of this technology new members gets a chance to view a drone golf course flyover video, presenting a new angle to show the beautiful course and its surrounding countryside.

An interactive drone photo for golf courses presents a view where each hole can be examined. This is crucial when golf lovers are making a selection of which existing golf course membership to join. An interactive hole by hole video is possible to shoot and put up on a golf course website. Therefore, a website for a golf course with such images and video becomes a way to promote and market a golf course resort.

Why choose drone photos and videos over traditional photography?

Aerial photo by a drone of a golf course

Aerial Photography for your Golf Course

Golf courses are beautiful. However, showing the overall beauty is almost impossible when using a ground camera. With the latest affordable drones, the marketing team can now capture golf course immense beauty, its clubhouse and the surrounding environs as an image or video. When such thrilling arts are presented on a WordPress website, they become a way to promote and increase membership. This has already been proved by pioneers in drone photos for golf courses.

Every single one of our drones is mounted with 4K cameras and have six-axis stabilization technology. Making them very stable when flying in high winds. This way we are able to capture an extremely high-quality aerial video and photos in any condition. This how we are able to deliver a high-quality product at such a reasonable price. The caliber of the image taken by drones is the reason why almost all film production companies shoot high definition videos have invested in them.

Why you should choose Aerial Videos and Photos for Golf Courses

Aerial Videos and Photos from our Drones are more affordable than you think. Compared to renting a helicopter and the filming crew, they are considered cost-effective. They are also available in different models, control ease and flight period. Such factors among others make them range in price. Whichever model you opt, ensure you do not substitute the quality of the image. To those using the drone for a onetime shoot, you might consider hiring plus a crew to do the job.

We can come out regularly and take drone video and photos of your golf course throughout the year. Most of the drones that provide high-quality video and photos, cost at least USD $1,000. Such a figure can make this process affordable to even the smallest golf course considering the returns. With the low cost, the club can use our ability to produce the best drone aerial videos and photos for your golf course regularly and across the four golf seasons. The content can later be uploaded on its golf course website to keep its members up to date on the status of the course.

Besides promoting the golf course, drone photos for golf courses can be beneficial to players. Every member yarn to improve his/her game. An interactive hole by hole aerial video allows them to study and understand the course. When members develop their game, they are happier cementing a long-term relationship which is beneficial to the golf club. No member wants just theoretically understand the game; they want to bring down their golf play handicap down and win more competitions.

Other Applications for Aerial Videos and Photos for Golf Courses

To the club management, drones websites for golf courses can be used to show the health of a wide variety of flowers, shrubs, grass, and trees. The health of this flora is the beauty of the golf course. Therefore, being able to prevent pest attacks and diseases is of paramount importance. Early morning golf course videos can be used to evaluate some aspects before they are open for play. If there is a need for attention, urgent response hence becomes possible.

Golf course websites can also be a source of survey images to assist in construction which depends on the topography of the land. Such videos and photos can be converted to 3D photogrammetry imagery and LiDar maps to assist in the initial development. Drone daily flyovers can be used to show the progress of the landscaping and further surveying to indicate where improvement needs to be done.

A drone shot of a golfcourse

Aerial Photography for your Golf Course website

Tips to help create the best images and videos of your golf course.

  • Drone photography might take hours if detailed. Whichever the case, you need to shoot different areas at a different time of the day. It’s also a thumbs up rule to do it during a bright day.
  • Use a golfer mind if you are not one. As stated earlier, drone photos of golf courses are not just used to showcase its beauty. Some members want to use the images and improve their game, something that you should take into perspective.
  • Try to do the shooting when the course is being played. It might be necessary to stage some actions, e.g., teeing off, putting, bunker shots, walking in the fairways and shaking hands on the green. It adds life to the coverage.
  • There is need to plan and organize with the club beforehand. The process entails informing the club to make its members aware of the shooting. You do not want people waving at the drone. Also, younger members look better from a marketing perspective.
  • Shots around the clubhouse should be done when it’s busy; players preparing and drinkers outside. The area needs to be tidy.
  • Have double the amount of drone batteries and an extra charger just in case one fail. This tip is to ensure the process continues flawlessly.
  • Respect the club code of conduct. Remain respectful to the members, stewards and any fan in case there is an event going on.
  • Know the course in prior. This help to avoid surprises especially if you are not aware of the area of the golf course. Knowing the terrain will also help to identify best places for drone take-offs and landing points.

Lastly, review the drone footage before you call it a day. This is to ensure all photos and videos are perfect and do any reshoot if necessary.

What you put on golf course website should be a collection of four distinctive type of photography.

  • 360-degree birds-eye view and 3D virtual tours for the golf course green.
  • A smooth one-take video fly-through of each hole.
  • Smooth par around for shot done from a tee to green.
  • A 360 aerial panorama and 3D virtual tour. This category covers the clubhouse and the entire golf course to reveal the spectacular view. Mostly done 60+ meters above the ground.

Websites for drone golf courses is a potent marketing tool. According to statistics, they substantially increase the time potential customer spend on the WordPress site while enhancing viewers experience which is critical in a conversion from a prospect to a golf member. Therefore, if you are into golf membership marketing, drone photography will give you an edge over your competitors. As you do so, remember to keep your website for golf courses up to date with the latest drone photos and videos.

Golf Course Marketing 101: [Websites & Videos Are Key]


Although the game is heavily built on tradition, it’s no news that [golf courses of the 21st century need to embrace and adopt modern marketing strategies in order to win new business]. We’ve been associated with golf for a while now and noticed that golf course owners are having a hard time finding new members, selling merchandise and organizing tournaments. This isn’t because golf is a dying sport (that’s clearly not the case), it’s primarily due to a flawed marketing strategy. Mouth to mouth marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. What you need is a great website and a well-produced promotional video to go along with it. Let us explain why.


Golf Course Websites Are [The New Front Office]

Did you know that almost 80% of all business make the first contact with their customers online? That’s true for the sports industry too. Consequently, prospective golfers are looking for golf courses online, and if your golf course doesn’t have an online presence, people are just going to become members of a golf course which does!

Allow us to tell you how it works. A Custom WordPress Website from StPeteDesign has the capability to signup new members instantly through a landing page – which is essentially a sales pitch. Instead of you having to run newspaper ads, or rely on your existing members to lure in new fish, you can get a website and let it do all the hard work.

Think about it – your nearest competitors must have already invested heavily in the online world years ago! It’s time for you to catch up – we make great WordPress golf websites for all types of golf courses. Our golf websites aren’t just ordinary pieces of work, they’re attractive and informative to your ideal customers. If you’re looking to draw some public attention to your golf course, getting a golf website from us is the perfect way to start.


[Drone Videos] Make The Golf World Go Round

Ariel photo of a golf course

Especially if the content is king, then video marketing is the newly appointed prince. Most of all videos are a great way of highlighting unique features of your golf course. Plus, post-production software allows us to effectively market your membership features, merchandise and send out a clear message to prospective golfers that if there’s any place to golf at – it’s YOUR golf course!

You might wonder – how do we effectively showcase a golf course that is big in size? Well, we’ve got specialized drones for that purpose! Our video production team knows exactly how to get those jaw-dropping aerial videos and photos of your golf course. Drone aerial videography is a new, but proven form of marketing. It adds a touch of premium-ness and professionalism to your business that can’t be duplicated by your competitors. These aerial videos and photos provide a view of your amazing golf course that regular photographers cannot get. No matter how good or expensive their video or photography equipment is. They will never get those aerial shots that are jaw-dropping and very unique like your golf course.


Pic of a golf course from the air

Get An Estimate For Your Golf Course Website & Drone Video Today!

If you’d like to hire our services and utilize our expertise and professionalism. Then pick up the phone and dial our number now. We boast a team that consists of people who love golf and who are extensively experienced in building WordPress websites at the same time having more experience than most companies do in the aerial videography and photography. They also do not have the experience we do of producing 4k videos and 4k photos that can be used in any marketing medium. We also put in a lot of creative effort into our work because also have a passion for photography and videography. Once you have a website and a video from us, you’ll notice a steady rise in terms of both golf course membership and revenue in just a few weeks.

We can also help SEO your WordPress website so you can start to rank better in google searches. This is a very effective and cost-effective way to advertise over the long run. Don’t be held down with yesteryear’s marketing mindset, contact us now!

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