Interactive Designs


It all started with bulletin boards in the eighties and chat rooms in the nineties. Remember back  when all it seemed there was to do on the internet was chat with complete strangers about whatever?

We thought that was so cool. To be able to communicate with other users via text and a dial up connection. Boy have things changed. Today interactive web designs have taken over the internet. From social media, to E commerce and discussion forums, I just can’t imagine life without the internet.

With interactive web development, the internet is growing faster than ever before! People are constantly thinking up new ideas and ways to integrate them in to web designs. At St Pete Design, we are always at the vision board thinking up new ideas and creative web designs. Nine times out of ten these visions stem from interactive web designs.

Interactivity isn’t in any way limited to websites.  In fact, St Pete Design’s staff  attended bar camp in Tampa again this year and I personally got some insight in IOS and C++ so I can get started on this revolutionary idea for an app I’ve strummed up. For tablets and smartphones.

I’ve been brainstorming on this one for a while. It’s an interactive app that everyone will want to use at some point. I really cant disclose any more information than that, I wouldn’t want anybody to get any ideas if ya know what I mean. As I was saying, interactive web design is far from reaching its peak.

So if you happen to be reading this post, and you just happen to have this great Idea for a project particularly an interactive project, give us a call or reach us on facebook to get it off the ground.

At the computer

Surfing the web in the nineties.

Brian at the computer

Surfing the web today.


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