Local Motion

As promised in the last post, I will be discussing here the importance of hiring a local web design firm like St. Pete Design. If you are looking to get going on a certain web design or any sort of web development project like social media, E-commerce, news, service, or anything else your brilliant mind can drum up, consider hiring a locally owned and operated web design company.

Here’s why. In any given website or web development project, it is extremely important to communicate. The more collaboration the better. So, naturally being in the same town as your web design firm, unexpected problems and delays can be better kept to a minimum.

Skype works, but it’s not the same as being able to meet your web designer in person. Getting to know them face to face in real life can dramatically reduce the stress caused by not knowing exactly where your web developer stands so to speak, as a real person. Not the persona they may be trying to have you perceive.

Web design and development is serious business, and if you go with someone out of reach in a physical manner, things could really go badly. What if they don’t live up to their end of the deal? How hard will it be to get a reimbursement? Imagine the piece of mind you would have knowing that your pals, that speak your language, who you can relate with personally are on top of things. Looking out for yours and their best interest, not just their own.

Maybe if there were someway to interact with your web design firm like having a meeting over lunch, or during a game of golf. How awesome would that be? Here in St Petersburg, we take pride in our ability to meet with our local customers. Most of our clients are based in St. Pete Fl. as well as across the United States.

It seems that generally, our local clientele feel much better about progress reports conducted in person than over the phone or on skype. Keep that in mind when looking to start your next web development project.



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