Our Field Trip To Weedon Island

Building websites is fun. Building websites for St Pete Design is incredibly awesome! Especially when I get to use the opportunity to have a little fun with my brother.

We’ve taken on a new project, which is quite extensive, so we decided to take a little field trip to discuss the outline of this particular project.

We went to one of our most favorite St Petersburg retreats, Weedon Island Nature Preserve. A Florida state park located in north St. Pete. This place is awesome! Lots of nature, scenic views of Tampa Bay and Riviera Bay, boardwalks and nature trails all over.

Weedon Island is a great place for Kayaking, canoeing and fishing as well. We just love the place!

This post is not going to be about web design, graphics design, plugins or Word Press.

However, it will help to explain one method St Pete Design uses to collaborate on projects, brainstorm for new ideas and above all… Build morale. We think moral is important and we take our leisure time very seriously. In other words, we make sure we make work fun for ourselves. Who knows, we might even get a few good pictures while we’re out.

On this particular trip I was able to take a few photos of Weedon Island Nature Preserve located in Beautiful St. Petersburg.Fl.

Today I’d Like to take some time out to share them with you.

Weedon Island-5-3 My big brother and I.


Weedon Island-1Weedon Island-2

Weedon Island-3




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