Our Talks

Web Accessibility

We gave our Web Accessibility talk to a great crowd of WordPress enthusiasts in Orlando Fl. The Orlando WordPress meetup group are amazing. They had a great venue, great gear, and most important a great crowd.

Our WordPress Security Talk

This was a talk about WordPress Security. We give you some really easy and effective steps you can take right now to help you better secure your WordPress website. We were able to stay after and help some of our WordPress Tampa members.

Our PowerPoint Presentation

This is the actual PowerPoint presentation that we used to give our talk at WordCamp Miami in 2019. We have uploaded this so you can use the resources that are in the presentation. This is what we use when we give our talks all across America.

SEO For Beginners

This talk is our “SEO for beginners”. We gave this talk at the WordPress Tampa/Ybor meetup that we lead. We always have a lot of fun at these meetups and we always meet some really great people. These are our personal favorites, shhh…..

Our Free Custom Web Accessibility Software

ADA Plugin Logo white 2 Finale

Our Free Custom GPS Software


How To Use Our Accessibility Software

This is another one of our How-To’s on YouTube. This shows you how to use our FREE WordPress plugin that helps you add Alternative Text to all of the pictures on your site. Our last update we added a contrast ratio checker and an interactive WCAG 2.1 checklist for developers.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

We explain what you can do to optimize your WordPress website while also improving it’s speed and page load time. We give you some facts about why it is very important to have a fast loading website. Then we offer some easy steps to optimize your website and speed it up.

How To Use Our Custom GPS Software

This is a video showing you how to use our custom WordPress GPS software. We built the only FREE WordPress GPS software that uses a FREE Android app to display your location on a Google map. It is available on the WordPress repository.

Web Accessibility on a Podcast

This WordPress podcast invited us on to their show to talk about Web Accessibility. We talk about why it is important for us as WordPress developers to incorporate making your website section 508 compliant as you build them.

Our First Accessibility Talk

This was our first talk at the local WordPress St Pete meetup group we are active members of. This is when we decided that speaking to developers and agencies would be the best way for us to help make the web more accessible.