Project Management

In web development, there are many areas of expertise which are in very high demand.  Xhtml, CSS, PHP, Mysql , java script, so on and so forth. Not to mention graphics designers. Can’t forget those guys!

Anyway, often times you’ll have different people within a web design company who are specialists in different areas than others. As is the case with St Pete Design. We are a local web design firm that employs local developers so that when we have a website to build we collaborate face to face. In the office. We try not to outsource the project at all.

When St Pete Design collaborates we do it right. We do things like take field trips, golf, attend different events together and things like that in order to discuss a certain website and it’s project outline. Because as web designers, we’re always on the clock, even when we’re not. Sometimes we’ll even call each other in the middle of the night with a revelation about a particular web development project.

When it comes to web design, collaboration is the key to building a great website together. St Pete Design is a local family owned firm that builds and maintains websites all over the United States. From our office in St Petersburg Florida. We take great pride in our ability to work together locally and we take project management very seriously.

In my next post, I intend to explain why we as business men think it is extremely important to hire a locally operated web design company in order to minimize complications and delays in your website or web development project.

Jeremy reviews design elements in Steve's office

Jeremy reviews design elements in Steve’s office

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