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SiteGround Hosting 

On this post, we will talk about the #1 hosting site on the market for WordPress and that is SiteGround. WordPress is the internets leading (CMS) Content Management System and SiteGround specializes in WordPress. This CMS started out as just a method that most bloggers used at that time. But WordPress has grown into so much more.

[WordPress runs over 29% of the entire internet and is only growing exponentially.]

Disclaimer: I am a WordPress Developer so I prefer WordPress over any other CMS. It is hands down the best there is on the market at the moment and for the foreseeable future. WordPress itself is opensource software and is jammed packed with free themes and plugins. So if you have a WordPress website or are planning on purchasing WordPress site or just transferring your current site to WordPress. Then you need the very best hosting for your WordPress site. That is where SiteGround comes into play.

[Why SiteGround]

  1. SiteGround is optimized specifically for WordPress websites
  2. They offer shared and cloud hosting with dedicated servers
  3. SiteGround specializes in WordPress hosting and websites
  4. They offer free WordPress themes with great tutorials

SiteGround [specializes in WordPress hosting]. They offer a lot of different packages but they all are meant to work perfectly and optimize your WordPress sites performance. The user interface (cPanel) is the best in the business in my opinion. SiteGrounds User interface is very easy to navigate and use for the customer who is not a developer. At the same time, it is very rich in features for the hardcore WP developer. I have used other hosting companies and their Cpanel is either none existent or very basic and makes no sense to the average user.

SiteGround as a WordPress hosting site excels in a lot of different ways not just its user interface. For instance, SiteGround backs your website up every day and [saves up to 30 backups]. So you can sleep well at night knowing that no matter what happens you can restore your site to yesterday or to 30 days ago with a simple chat or phone call. I wish I had my hosting with SiteGround when I all of my sites got hacked. My team and I would not have to of put over 100 hours restoring all of our sites. With SiteGround WP hosting I would have had to just make a call and they would of restore every single one of my sites to a previous date of my choice up to 30 days. I promise I will never make that mistake again. Let my colossal screwup save you time and money!

SiteGround has one of the [fastest load speeds] for your WordPress site. They have servers around the world and store your site on them. So your site loads lightning fast no matter where the user is in the world. This is important for a few reasons.

#1 Google uses page load speed in there ranking algorithms. So if your load speed is slow you will not rank as well as a site that has a fast loading speed.

#2 Users will leave your site immediately if it does not load in under 2.5 seconds which gives you a high bounce rate. Keep in mind that over 60% of people use a mobile device to search the web. Mobile devices have longer load times.

#3 Google uses high bounce rates to determine that your site is not relevant and lower your SEO ranking. They also use a low bounce rate to determine that your site is very relevant and increases your SEO rankings.

SiteGround has one of the [tightest security on the market]. If 30 backups of your site are not enough then you are in luck. SiteGround as a WP hosting company has one of the lowest security breaches out of all the WordPress hosting sites. They also have some of the lowest downtimes for servers. Less downtime means more uptime for your site. More uptime for your site means more money for your pocket. That's good old-fashion math.

So if you have not figured out by now. We really like and highly recommend SiteGround for all of your hosting need. Especially if you have a WordPress site and are in the market for a new hosting company. It is a little more costly than some of the competitors but I learned a long time ago "When you buy a cheaper product. You get a cheaper product." This is going to be the foundation for your website that you put all of those hours in and all of your money. I highly recommend going with the best hosting account you can afford. I hope this helps.

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