St. Petersburg








This page is about our hometown, St. Petersburg Fl.   AKA “The Burg” . We love our town and are very proud of the fact that we get to live here and do business in a great city like St. Pete. Located in Tampa Bay Florida, it’s the home of St. Pete Design, it’s a nice place to visit it’s a nice place to do web design. Some folks come to visit, and never leave. Can’t say we blame ’em, it’s just so beautiful. America’s best kept secret as far as we’re concerned…






Web design is a lot of fun. However, there is more to life than just building websites. We’ve got amusement parks, the water, the beach, the people. Don’t forget the Rays and the Buccaneers! Fishing, camping and any activity you could possibly think of except for maybe snow skiing, which you can actually do here believe it or not… You just have to ship the snow!







We have lots of rain during the summer.The Bay area is the lightning capitol of the world. in fact, there is a thunderstorm brewing right now as I write this webpage. You can literally tell the time of day by the afternoon showers during the rainy season. But we don’t let a little bit of rain or a tropical storm or even a Hurricane stop us from having any fun. No sir. Rainy days are great for siting at the computer constructing websites, brainstorming New ideas for web design, and thinking of new ways to manipulate code and that my friends is what we call fun!

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