Web Accessibility Tool

StPeteDesign launches its new Web Accessibility Tool for WordPress!

A screenshot of a WordPress Accessibility Plugin

We have been obsessed with WordPress and Web Accessibility issues. So for more than a year, we worked day and night to come up with a solution to the growing problem of Web Accessibility. That’s when we decided on a multi-level plan to help WordPress be the leading CMS in Web Accessibility.

Our Multi-Level Plan for Web Accessibility:

  1. Create content that is geared toward WordPress developers for the purpose of (a)Translating the 508 Standards (b) Showing WP developers that there are Web Accessibility tools to help them.
  2. Create custom WordPress software made for developers to help them in their process of making the web 508 compliant 1 site at a time.
  3. Incorporate techniques we have learned into our own processes when we are creating new software or a new website.

With this custom Web Accessibility tool, we are at the first stage of  (Level 2-Creating accessibility software for developers). This WordPress plugin will serve as the foundation for what the rest of our software will be built on.


The Main Features For Our Web Accessibility Tool:

  • Shows you all of the pictures from either your Media Library, Posts or Pages that are missing any of the 3 types of text. (Alt Text, Description and Caption)
  • Allows you to add any missing – Alternative Text, Description Text or Caption Text to any of your pictures one at a time.
  • Allows you to add missing Alternative Text, Description Text or Caption Text to all of your pictures with just one click.
  • Helps the process of making your website ADA Section 508 Compliant become much easier. (by adding Alt Text to all pictures on your website)
  • Helps the process of increasing your websites On-Page SEO. (by adding missing description text for search engines)


How does this Web Accessibility Tool

One of the requirements to be Section 508 compliant is – you have to provide text alternatives to all non-text content.

This software makes it much easier for the developer or the client to add any missing Alternative Text to the non-text content. In this case, Images on your WP website.

Here are a few screenshots of our custom WordPress plugin.

A screenshot of a wordpress plugin

A screenshot of a WordPress Accessibility Plugin


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