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We upgraded our very popular Accessibility Tool

How It Works

What’s new with our “Pro” ADA Accessibility Tool

Contrast Ratio Checker:

  • Check the Contrast Ratio between the foreground and background
  • Easy to understand pass/fail for the contrast ratio
  • Pro” Color picker so you can chose any color you want to check with 1 click
  • “Pro” Easily chose through all colors to find which combination is best for you

Image Optimization:

  • Add/Remove/Change Missing Alternative text
  • Add/Remove/Change Missing Caption text
  • Add/Remove/Change Missing Description text
  • Pro” Images automatically marked as Decorative for screen readers
  • Pro” Choose to see 25, 50, or 100 images at the same time

ADA Checklist:

  • Interactive WCAG checklist for the whole team to use
  • Ability to “Save” your progress so your team is able to work together
  • Pro” Get the most current and up to date WCAG 2.1 guidelines
  • Pro” Get all Level AAA guidelines plus links to help better understand them


  • We give you a ton of great resources
  • Link to our free accessible-ready theme on the WordPress repository
  • “Pro” Our Top 20 Tips we teach for Web Accessibility
  • Pro” Access to member only content like our “Micro Lessons”
  • Pro” Links to accessibility tools for developers and designers

How to help your web accessibility

How to test your site for accessibility

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WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

These are the world wide guidelines that serve as the foundation of  web accessibility requirements for everybody. The WCAG guidelines are what you must follow to be fully ADA Section 508 compliant. If you’re not sure about your websites compliance or are just concerned about your accessibility, look to  the WCAG 2.1 guidelines offerd by the W3C.

Learn more about WCAG

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ADA Section 508 Compliance

All US Federal Government agencies and private organizations recieving federal funding are  subject to Section 508 accessibility regulations. ADA Section 508 accessibility requires your website meet the WCAG 2.1 A, AA guidelines and success criteria to be considered fully compliant. Section 508 also applies to all government contractors.

Learn more about Section 508

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