What Is St. Pete Design?

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St. Pete Design is a professional web design company from St. Petersburg, Fl specializing in WordPress Development. Our company offers custom web design for your website to increase customer traffic and increase conversations which translate into more sales. Who doesn’t want more sales?

St. Pete Design is owned and operated by two lifelong friends. Together we have more than 25 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of owning and operating our own businesses in St. Petersburg. On top of that, with our over fifteen years in the web design business, the company aims to lead clients to the world of the digital age.

Our Mission Statement
St. Pete Design helps to improve your website’s online presence through site building, marketing, and content management.
If you have a thirst for success like we do, you need to have an excellent website that will promote and sell your product and services. Most of all, sell you and your company. Our aim is to provide reasonably priced custom WordPress websites that fit the needs of our customers. At the same time gives them amazing results with great looking and functioning WordPress sites and the best customer service around.

St. Pete Design and WordPress
WordPress is considered to be one of the top content management system (CMS) among web designers. It is this way because it can be used very easily, especially by small business owners.
WordPress websites are preferred by St. Pete Design because it can be easily manipulated by web designers. The web publishing software makes use of PHP and MySQL, a reliable scripting language combined with a well-structured database system.

WordPress Development varies from web design companies. At StPeteDesign, customizing your WordPress website can take as short as 10 business days. So you can have a better understanding of what we offer, here is the list of what to expect from us.
1. We at St. Pete Design can create, add-on or fix your WordPress website.
Do you have an existing WordPress website that you want to customize? Or do you want us to start from nothing? We don’t mind. It does not matter if we need to upgrade or build your WordPress website from scratch.
The first thing that we do is get to know your business. In this manner, we will have a better idea on the design and tools needed for your website.
We also value your opinion at St. Pete Design. How would you like your website to look? Are you a minimalist or do you want lavish designs, embellished with large fonts, colorful images and lots of buttons?
2. We can modify WordPress themes by utilizing Custom WordPress plug-in
We are experts at creating WordPress themes and inserting 3rd parties or our Custom WordPress plug-ins for websites. It is our way of sending a personalized touch on your website. It will be great to have a one-of-a-kind designed website, not something that is in the template. We assure of a unique theme that will set your site apart from others.
3. We can create your content.
At St. Pete Design, we got your content covered. We make sure that it will exceed Google’s standards. We also make sure that we highest standards to market your business to the highest clients. We also make sure that we use the proper tone (funny, professional, family) that you wish us to convey to your future clients.
4. We provide many ways for you to analyze the data.
To make sure that everything goes well with your new website. When the website goes live, people will be able to view your WordPress website. Then, you can check for visitors on your newly established or upgraded website. You will also have the ability to track the data for a particular button.
How is the website working? How are the people reacting to your newly designed WordPress site? Are visitors interested and reading your content? We make sure that you have positive feedback on your website and business, in general.
5. We will also provide you with instructions. So you can manage your site on your own.
Assuming that everything goes well with your website after it has been tested, we will now leave the website in your hands. But before that, we will provide you with important instructions on what you need to do and not do on your new WordPress site.

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